About Us

Long Haul Stuffs brand was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to improve people’s experience and well-being when travelling, and when on holidays. This can be camping activities, exploration, hiking, expeditions, retreat, trekking, outings etc.


Our Mission:

 We believe in people enjoying themselves to the full, at all times. Something we strongly believe leads to healthy living and longer life. This’s what drives us.


Exploring, enjoying sports, travelling, seeing places can be educating and fulfilling; and this we want to share with our customers.


If you’re a person who loves everything about travelling, nature and outdoor life, camping, canoeing, climbing, biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing and the like, “A true-born nature freak”, a modern outdoorsman or woman who like Roosevelt, consider yourself a naturalist first and foremost, then you are in the right place.

You know what? Some people call it “crazy nowadays”, but we call it “an adventurer” It is refreshing, isn’t it?!


We intend to continue delivering to you, cutting-edge, highly functional products that we believe will make your adventure and holiday experiences very rewarding and enjoyable. One you’ll never forget.


Quality and Durability are our mantra. We therefore strive to ensure that products we give to you our customer, are of utmost uniqueness and reliability. Our customers, for this reason are always impressed by the quality of service we offer to them. This’s something we are also very proud of.


As you are our customer we can assure you, you’re never going to be disappointed with our service to you.  We'll continue to bring to you our carefully selected premium outdoor goods you'll need, so that you can continue to travel and explore like a champion.

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